How Much Do Wedding Photographers Cost? | Metro Vancouver Region & Fraser Valley 2023-2024

Couples will encounter varying prices from vendors when looking for a wedding photographer online. Their experience and portfolio determine the cost of a photographer. For example, wedding packages on Craigslist can be as low as $240, while some websites that cater to more affluent clients charge $6000 or more for their services. In Metro Vancouver, full-time professional photographers generally charge around $3000 for their wedding packages. 

I run a wedding photography business to pursue my passion for photography and as a creative outlet from my daily routine. I approach my business from an artistic perspective rather than a purely financial one, as I don't solely depend on it for my living expenses. This enables me to offer my clients an affordable wedding package without straining my finances. However, I limit the number of weddings I take on each year to ensure I can provide each client with the best service and care and have sufficient time to edit and retouch their photos.

I take great pride in my photography portfolio, which showcases my dedication to capturing each photo with care and precision. I handle all aspects of the process, from capturing the shot to editing and retouching the final product. As a result, each photo represents a work of art that I am proud to have created. With over a decade of experience and formal education in photography, I am confident in my ability to capture your special moments with professionalism and skill.