Vancouver Wedding Photographer

I am someone who is...


For the past ten years, I have consistently and successfully helped provide all my clients with beautiful and candid-looking photos.


In every photo session, I always take the time to set up and pose the wedding couple and bridal party for that perfect shot.


A photographer who doesn't mind carrying 30 lbs. of camera gear up a steep hiking trail for an engagement photo session, as capturing that epic photo is so worth it!  


Always strive to give my clients the best wedding photos and not settle for anything less.

About Me

Photography is the perfect way to capture a moment of beauty and a lifetime of memories. It's my passion to tell your story with creativity, sophistication, and accuracy. I have two years of professional photography education and ten years of experience, specializing primarily in weddings and personal photo shoots.

Once you share the vision and dream for your story album, you can put your trust in my expertise, quality equipment, and collaborative style of communication. My work reflects my technical perfectionism and love for design innovation. Your seal of approval signifies my work is done!


How do you photograph weddings?

Whenever I shoot a wedding, I let my enthusiasm for photography set a positive tone throughout the day. I am often even more excited than my clients whenever I can capture that particular moment. During the bridal shoot, I would provide the couple clear instructions on posing because the fact is that not everyone is born a fashion model!

How many pictures will we receive?

For 8 hours of coverage of weddings, you will receive between 400 to 600 fully edited images. I always choose quality rather than quantity, so I will choose the best and more significant photos to tell your story. The more eventful a wedding is, the more photos a client receives. In contrast, should a wedding day lack any excitement and most of the people attending are constantly staring at their smartphones, it will be challenging for any photographer to get a decent number of photos!

Do you contract out your editing?

No matter how busy a wedding season may be, I never contract out the editing and retouching process, as I want to ensure that each edited photo conveys my passion and vision to my clients. Simply put, a hired help would care about photo quality less than I do! On average, I would spend at least double the time retouching for every hour spent taking photos. Not only do I remove the apparent skin blemishes, but also distracting things like cigarette butts on the floor to even the cracked paint on the wall!

When will we get our photos?

Clients will receive their wedding highlights within three weeks after their wedding. The rest of the edited photos would take another six weeks afterwards.

Clients comments about my work

Tracy & Dani

“Thanks so much for sending the highlights! The photos look spectacular. We are really pleased with them. There were lots of excellent candid shots!
We are on our honeymoon now so will only get to see them on the computer when we get back in 2 weeks.

Thanks for being part of our special day!”

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