My life journey as a Wedding Photographer in Metro Vancouver

"Buying a Nice Camera doesn't make you a Wedding Photographer. It just makes you a camera owner."

If you dream of becoming a wedding photographer and capturing the most beautiful moments of people's lives, it is essential to start with photography fundamentals. The good news is that you can wait to invest in expensive camera equipment. Instead, it would help if you enrolled in reputable photography courses offered by well-known schools or institutions. This way, you can learn to capture stunning shots that will be treasured for years.

As a seasoned wedding photographer with formal training, I have acquired the proper skills to capture the perfect shot by shooting in full manual mode on my camera. This allows me to adapt to varying lighting conditions and produce stunning, high-quality images that my clients will cherish forever. On the other hand, it may be convenient for a novice photographer to avoid learning the fundamentals and rely on automatic camera settings, which can be unreliable and risky, resulting in missed opportunities to capture the most critical moments of a client's special day. Just as you wouldn't want to fall asleep while driving a Tesla, a photographer cannot afford to rely too heavily on technology. It takes expertise, experience, and mastery to capture timeless memories that will last a lifetime, and that is what I offer as a wedding photographer.

Mastering the fundamentals of photography is just the beginning! Once you have done that, you must choose the right camera equipment to take your photography to the next level. When shopping for a camera, you will come across two types of cameras - DSLR and mirrorless. Although many new camera models are trending toward mirrorless, I still prefer DSLRs when shooting weddings. They have a more comprehensive range of lenses, better ergonomics, and a longer battery life. The mirror in DSLR cameras protects the sensor from dust and sunlight damage, while the optical viewfinder provides more accurate dynamic range perception than the digital viewfinder in mirrorless cameras.

Every photograph taken by a professional wedding photographer is a treasure trove of unique and irreplaceable memories. From capturing the intimate moments between a couple to the loving embrace of family members, these priceless memories are fleeting and must be captured flawlessly. This is why choosing a photographer with the proper training and equipment is crucial. When selecting a wedding photographer, always ask to see their complete portfolio and use Google image search to ensure their work is authentic. As a recent article from the Vancouver Sun has pointed out, it's essential to be wary of fake online reviews and plagiarized photos shown on websites. Remember, these photographs will be cherished memories for years, so clients must choose their wedding photographer wisely.

Over the past decade, my experience shooting weddings has enriched me with numerous valuable lessons. I have honed my problem-solving skills and learned to thrive in a fast-paced work environment. Interacting with clients from diverse backgrounds and cultures has instilled a deep appreciation of our differences. Additionally, the experience has significantly heightened my confidence in communication as I needed to guide and direct my clients throughout the wedding day. It has been an incredible journey, and I am excited to continue capturing beautiful engagement and wedding photos for many more years.