Candid & Photogenic | Wedding Photography

Anyone with a camera or a smartphone could capture candid wedding photos. The question is whether the images were taken a look photogenic. The fact is that only a tiny percent of the candid photos taken during a wedding day show the bride or groom in their best-looking moment, while the rest of the images are edited out as they look too awkward. For example, an image edited out may show a person laughing with one of their eyes half closed and mouth wide open! The truth is that making candid photos look good is quite challenging due to their unpredictability. A wedding photographer's best strategy is to anticipate a candid moment and ensure that when it does happen, they take enough photos in hopes that one would turn out well. At the end of a busy wedding day, I would take at least a few thousand photos! Subsequently, with that many photos taken, it also translates to twenty or more hours of editing. While editing can be painful, finding an Instagram-worthy image is like a kid unwrapping a perfect gift on Christmas morning!