How to choose the right Wedding Photographer

From online shopping to local dining, many of us would check the reviews before opening our wallets. This is especially true for couples looking for a wedding photographer(s), as hiring one can be expensive. However, one should only partially rely upon online reviews as some may paint an inaccurate picture and be misleading. The main issue lies within the fact that there are online companies that help businesses create fake positive reviews and even remove bad ones! This issue was raised in a CBC Marketplace episode, as Professor Jeff Hancock, from Cornell University states that up to 15% of online reviews are paid. Because online reviews are far from perfect, couples should always do adequate research on a photographer before making any final decision.

Potential clients should always request to see a photographer's extensive portfolio and not just settle for the "Best photos" shown in front of their webpage. A scheduled meeting is recommended, either on Zoom or in person, where a range of specific questions would be asked to ensure that the photographer is a right fit. "Have you shot a wedding in the venue we have booked?" "Are you familiar with the lighting condition of that particular venue?" "How do you adapt when lighting condition changes? Please provide specific examples?" Lastly, ask about pricing, as you may want to know if they are worth their price. Request the photographer to detail the services they are offering and the final product you would receive. Spending extra time and effort ensures that your wedding day perfectly captures how you want to remember it.

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