Vancouver Engagement photographer's Blog

As a photographer, the engagement photo session is an excellent opportunity to get to know the couple more personally before their wedding date. During this time, I would learn about their personalities and how they interact in front of the camera. For example, are they stiff in their expression and body poses? What is their best angle as I take the photo of their faces? Are they introverted or extroverted? By learning the answers to many of these questions, I can better prepare myself when taking pictures of their wedding. It is also a time when I can build my online portfolio, which I take great pride in as each image represents my passion and love for photography. Below, I have listed my favourite engagement photos and have provided descriptions of how they are so special to me. 

Pacific Spirit Regional park

This particular engagement photo was taken on the hiking trails near the UBC campus. I like how the early morning light shines through the forest canopy, softly illuminating the couple as they kiss. Also, the snow on the ground adds some metaphor to the photo as it seems to melt with the warmth of love.  

Yaletown Roundhouse

One of my favourite images is the couple gracefully waltzing around the mosaic brick floor in Yaletown while the sun provides them with a spotlight as they are in a dance hall. Knowing that this particular couple met each other from dance class, I encouraged them to use their artistic expression to tell a story in this picture.  

Stanley Park Seawall

This was my first engagement photo session with a wonderful couple from the LGBTQ community. As I took their photos, they showed me how their love for each other is both affectionate and genuine. As a wedding photographer, I am grateful to meet with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds, beliefs and gender identities. I firmly believe that society can be more inclusive when we take the initiative to understand and learn from the community around us.  

Whytecliff park

I remember that this particular engagement photo session required a lot of planning as I needed to monitor both the weather forecast and the tidal level simultaneously. Ultimately, I wanted to take a photo of the couple standing on the rocky pathway to the island, which is only revealed during low tide.  

Lynn Valley Headwater

As a photographer, I always try to provide all my clients with a few epic shots in their engagement photo sessions. In this particular instance, I set up a camera, tripod, and ND filter system to create a smoky effect on the water flowing below the rock where the couple was standing.  

Full Bloom Lavender Farm

When lighting is the most crucial aspect of an engagement photo session, I often schedule my photoshoot early in the morning or evening golden hours. This is because I want to give the best photos to my clients and would not accept anything less. I like this photo as it was taken on a lavender farm in Langley, BC.  

Lynn Canyon Park

This was one more difficult engagement photo I ever took as it required me to hike through steep trails carrying thirty pounds of camera gear. But, in the end, it was so worth it. I like this photo's composition, where the beautiful natural landscape surrounds the couple. Whenever I look at these engagement photos and many others, they always bring a smile to my face.