Why do Wedding photographers hide their prices?

Many of us who live in Metro Vancouver or the Fraser Valley know that living costs are not getting any cheaper. On the contrary, everything is going up in price, from your monthly rent to your daily grocery bill. So during this challenging financial time, people must budget everything, especially when hiring a wedding photographer. 

However, most of the photographer's website you click on these days does not even show their cost of service. Browsing through their webpage is like looking at a fine dining menu in a fancy restaurant, wondering if you can even afford it! Indeed, price transparency is something that many of us in the wedding photography industry would rather avoid touching as we prefer to personally convince you over the phone how the quality of the service we provide justifies the amount quoted. However, one must realize that this strategy only works if money is not a factor in the client's decision-making aspect. It is like a waiter trying to convince you to go for the filet mignon, while little did he know that you only have enough money for a sirloin steak! Not only does this type of scenario create an awkward situation for both parties, but it is also a waste of time.

Whenever I ask my previous clients what their most significant deciding factor is when choosing a wedding photographer, the resounding answer is often their budget. If fact, they would skip any webpage that does not even mention a starting price, let alone a showing a price guide. Therefore, based on past clients' statements and many of the valid points I have put forward in this article, my company pricing policy is to remain transparent.