Why you should hire me as your Wedding Photographer:

Transparency in photography:

The first thing you would notice when browsing my webpage is the extensive selection of photo portfolios you can view. Potential clients can browse through thousands of images before hiring me as their photographer. I want all the clients who hired me to make an "informed" decision and not get misled by just a handful of photos posted, as many other websites do. When a photographer only shows a few of their "Best" images on their webpage, one might question the quality of the rest of the photos hidden from the public.    

Natural-looking photos:

Viewing all my photos, you will notice each image's vibrant colours and brightness. This is because I want to make my client's wedding pictures look natural and not too dark or gloomy, which is trending these days. As the common saying goes." Trends come and go," however, I believe it is crucial to stay true to the classic film-like images many of us grew up with and that they would still look relevant many years from now.  

Passion over Profit:

Even after more than ten years of running my wedding photography business, I am motivated by the simple Love of creating beautiful images. Like artists admiring their finished artwork, the photos bring me as much joy as they do with my clients. Because of this, I do not mind spending extra unpaid time scouting the best location for a wedding photo shoot or carefully making finishing touches on the edited images. 

Transparency in Writing:

While the numerous photos in my web portfolio showcase my shooting style as a photographer, the writings published in my journal reveal who I am as a person; as the author Isabel Allende quotes, " Writing is a process, a journey into memory and the soul." Through words, I want to express candidly to my audience what motivates me to become a photographer and describe my long journey to get to where I am now. So when clients have read my journal articles and choose me as their photographer afterwards, they will know exactly who they are hiring.